Bunny & Lola!

A world of Elephant hugs and Bunny smiles!

At Bunny & Lola, we believe that every little one deserves to feel as adorable and cozy as they look.

Our heartwarming journey began with the charming friendship between Bunny, a lovably cute bunny, and Lola, an irresistibly adorable baby elephant.

Just like these two inseparable friends, we aim to bring warmth, comfort, and joy to your child's wardrobe.

  • Mission

    Provide high quality, stylish and comfortable clothing for little ones. Also to create an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience while offering a wide range of adorable clothing that reflect their unique personalities prioritizing their comfort and safety.

    Ultimately, our mission is to celebrate the joy and preciousness of early childhood by providing exceptional clothing options that enhance the happiness and well being of both babies and parents.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to make Bunny & Lola the leading destination for parents seeking the best in baby fashion. We strive to be the go to source for stylish, high quality and sustainable clothing options for infants and kids while creating a seamless and inspiring online shopping experience that delights our customers in dressing up their little ones. .

Step into Bunny & Lola's world of whimsical fashion, where each outfit is carefully curated to reflect the uniqueness of every child. We take pride in offering a wide range of clothing that not only brings out your little one's charm but also prioritizes their comfort and safety. From snuggly onesies to playful dresses, our collection is designed to capture the innocence and playfulness of childhood.

We understand that being a parent is a beautiful yet demanding journey, which is why we've crafted an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience just for you. With Bunny & Lola, you can shop for your little treasures from the comfort of your home, knowing that each piece has been thoughtfully selected to enhance your child's happiness and well-being.

What makes us special

Quality over quantity

Hand Made


Join us on this enchanting journey as we make Bunny & Lola the ultimate destination for parents who value not only exceptional clothing but also the joy of dressing up their tiny tots. We invite you to explore our carefully curated selection, immerse yourself in our captivating designs, and experience the sheer delight of choosing outfits that embody the innocence and wonder of childhood.